Friday, February 5, 2010

Signs A Scorpio Man Is Interested How Do You Get The Interest Of A Scorpio Man? (from An Aries Woman)?

How do you get the interest of a Scorpio man? (from an Aries woman)? - signs a scorpio man is interested

The Scorpio male personality characteristics, what the sense of fashion / style is what we attraction, what are their preferences, interests, such as the interest found to hold ... I would like some answers better than what the horoscope sign sites / stars do you give me so please help!


Ron said...

I leave you to judge that Charles Manson and OJ Simpson, two were Scorpion Man, you bring your interest? Or want to see some common sense?.

Ankleboo... said...

Aries I am a woman, my mans a scorpion, to be oneself, to dress in a mysterious way, dont tell him everything, be a friend speaks often to be sexy, you will see a brain and its use as drinking water but in a bad mood is ignorance, not to show their displeasure, they cry on the inside, have a terrible way, biting, as they prefer to what they bite, they are loyal, committed, once you have it, woe to thee, if you are vindictive, the other behind him unpleasant, expect much excitement in the room, such as oral sex is much Scorpio genital area, well, Hate Liers, the air whether or discussed it in her back. Situations can immediately sweet, escape in an instant, never tried to ask them to do, dare devil, monster speed, undeterred, the law, or mixed with sweets and bad drinkers can drink, good cooks, writers, if their own works are perfect, you can know if your wrong, that's all I can sayYou, your way is my Scorpion worked for me is not provided or thank you, what you see is what you get, they only see black and white, gay hate my uncle, thinking that it is not normal the love of the sea, eating spicy seafood dishes, curries well.

Croxx said...

What about the individual! Why waste classification of sign?

petemcta... said...

I buy things that you yourself and have a good laugh ..... I like !!!!! Ha!

Liz said...

Hates forgers. Be yourself, or you feel weak. Flattery does not always work.

♡☆88Ange... said...

HUN was one of 3-4 years and I tell you everything you want is an intelligent being "very sexy", nothing more, Hun rich woman, that's what it means.

tend also to be able to read minds, so that you stay one step ahead I tell you, if you .. with this guy U done the choice is a joy and concern for the true love when you find one.

Scorpio men are very misunderstood, people are not as bad as it sounds, but PPL is to act up if you think it's great.

Women tend to hover around them and want to serve and to please them, or just be careful ..

Run while you're lucky, you'll thank me later!

PS if u do not believe that to be able to find a man, a man tries to match Aquarius.

succubus said...

Scorpio is the sign of the sexiest ................... Zodiac
Lucky colors are red and red.
Lucky metals are iron and steel.
Lucky Gems & Stones Jasper, Malachite and diamonds.
............. Use a short red dress, sexy and sophisticated seductress. Legal mysteriously seductive eye contact @ all time ......
You must remember that the sign is the sun, what do you think the person that other people (their presence and visual), if you look and act like a scorpion, but his moon sign is in him .... .... personal identity. If your sign of Scorpio moon, and then use what I am on ...... Commenting Goodluck .... LOL

kitten said...

I am a scorlio and I can tell what is false is true

troutsni... said...

As a Scorpio, what it is for me something "interesting" or extravagant about the appearance of a girl. As a nice nose in a few streaks in her hair. Personality-wise, I like women who are interesting, and before bedtime.

Smurfett... said...

My husband is a Scorpio and I'm Leo. I asked him to get his opinion of them a male perspective! He said he hates the "plastic women", women should feel comfortable in their skin, clothes, themselves and ask are not about the appearance. It seems that my independence, but also appreciate the fact that I also felt to be necessary, so there's a fine line between being too broad and too poor - Scorpio men and women in this chat! Men's Scorpion is lol work hard like their own space on time, and I must admit, and Let's Have sometimes read minds! They are generally very loyal, passionate, loving and giving - only don'tp s ** of them, they have a sting in the tail! lol If you take him shopping, do not ask "is my ass look big in this?" unless you are prepared for the truth, Scorpio men are very honest!

My advice would be simple even if he loves you and wants you then you have, but you can not "do" is reserved. It is more likely to recognize andor himself, happy, confident, open and honest.

Good luck, hope you get your man XX

Amanda C said...


I just get rid of a bad mood, she loves to do things in their spare time of the moment

selfish in bed
Love the new fabrics
wants your undivided love
There is space lovers and friends
and thinks he has a bad odor Pooh
order if they drink
no power
and no sheep

Fancy something a little wilder Gemini

aly said...

You do not want your interest.

omg Spongebob is that you said...

I am a girl, but I hate fake!
I Smeele a fake from a mile away.

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